Cooling Down in Majayjay

Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna

Whenever we want a quick getaway from the metropolitan jungle that is Metro Manila or when the rainy season brings a stop to our island-hopping and beach-bumming forays, we frequently turn our sights towards the towns at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. The towns of Rizal, Nagcarlan, Liliw, Majayjay and Lukban are destinations where we do not have to worry about riding a boat amidst turbulent waves.

rice fields along the main road to Majayjay
Golden-yellow rice fields line the road to Majayjay

Majayjay is the most distant of the Laguna towns in the area and an interesting destination. Although we often troop to this town at during the rainy season, we recently discovered that summer or the dry season is also a good time to visit as it affords magnificent views of golden yellow rice fields ready for harvest while the cold springs provide a wonderful respite from the summer heat.

Taytay Falls in Majayjay
Taytay Falls

The most popular tourist destination in Majayjay is Taytay Falls, located in the middle of a protected rainforest. With a moderate height of about 12 meters, Taytay Falls nevertheless has a pretty impressive water volume, even during the dry season. The water is quite cold, coming from streams located up in the Mt. Banahaw-San Cristobal volcano complex. The hike to the waterfall is along a concreted pathway a kilometer long that makes for an easygoing trek, the surrounding forest providing plenty of cool shade and soothing scenery.

another view of Taytay Falls
Taytay Falls from another perspective

Because Taytay Falls is quite popular we've encountered quite a number of visitors in the area each time we visited. Walking along the pathway to the falls we often spot several tents for overnight stay pitched right beside the stream. There are several stores selling food and other items in the area leading to the falls, a large parking area and rooms for overnight stay. The catch basin around the falls has been dammed in and concreted to help irrigate farmlands in the town. There is an irrigation canal running parallel to and under the concrete pathway to the falls.

catch basin at Taytay Falls
The concreted catch basin at Taytay Falls

Located not too far from Taytay Falls is Bukal Falls. The latter is also situated inside a lush forest. It takes more effort to reach Bukal Falls, though – around an hour of hiking through the forest, with only a short portion of the pathway concreted. One you get there however, you will be enthralled by the sight of the falls' deep blue-colored catch basin.

Just more than a month ago, we were planning to visit Dalitiwan Resort on the way to Taytay Falls. Located right along the main highway at Barangay Ilayang Banga, Dalitiwan has a clean, natural cold spring, man-made waterfalls and beautiful, lush surroundings. Unfortunately the resort was closed when we got there. tragically, some visitors lost their lives during a sudden downpour and flash flood and a resulting investigation and/or litigation had closed down Dalitiwan for the time being.

another rice field in Majayjay
A rice field in Majayjay located near the Costales Farm

Costales Nature Farms – located very close to the detour from the main highway going to Taytay Falls – is an organic farm that also provides overnight accommodations and tours for guests. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful farm scenery Costales Farm offers as well as learn how to start their own organic farm.

Finally, if you're passing through the town center of Majayjay don't fail to see the parish church building of San Gregorio Magno. First constructed in 1573, it has been damaged by fire and reconstructed 4 times. It has been declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

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